“Trust administration” or “trust settlement” are phrases which tend to be used interchangeably. Both terms refer to the process of transition in the administration of a trust which is necessary due to a triggering event such as the passing of the person or persons who established the trust or some other primary beneficiary. In that situation, trust administration can be seen as comparable to probate in the sense that the general goals are often quite similar. Generally speaking, those goals would include ensuring that all trust assets are collected, organized for efficient management, and accurately valued, and then that any debts, claims, or expenses chargeable against them are identified and resolved, with the remaining balance then being held, transferred, or distributed according to the controlling terms of the trust

As people have learned of the benefits of planning with trusts, they have increasingly become the primary method for transferring assets to beneficiaries. While this approach is generally much easier and more streamlined versus probate, it still needs to be completed properly, and we are happy to provide this kind of help as well.

When we represent clients in probate proceedings or in matters involving settlement of a trust, our goal is to make the process as quick, easy and efficient as reasonably possible. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough. While we cannot change that, we can help to make the process of getting the related legal issues resolved as painless as possible.

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