Complex estates – those with substantial or unusual assets, challenging factual or legal issues, competing claims or interests, an extraordinary degree of family disharmony, or other factors involving increased complication or difficulty – raise the stakes and place heightened demands on everyone involved.

We have the background, experience and skills to help you address and successfully navigate a course to efficient resolution of a complex estate. In particular, our strengths include a willingness to listen and clarify nuance, the ability to build and provide leadership to effective teams, the capability to work collaboratively, and the capacity to diffuse and minimize conflict. We are ever mindful of the fact that the interested parties in most estates are related as members of a family or have some other important personal relationships with each other. Clumsy or careless efforts to resolve an estate can cause or worsen conflict between them, which in our experience is the last thing that most people would ever want to have as their legacy.

If you have a need to settle a complex estate and would like to discuss how we may be able to help, we would invite you to contact us or schedule an initial consultation.