The truth is that there really is no bright line test that, if met, would necessarily make any particular planning technique “advanced.” Furthermore, even commonly used planning can be created and/or executed in an advanced manner.

We use the term “Advanced Planning” simply in order to draw a distinction between the essential components which we believe ought to be included in every person’s estate plan, versus planning techniques or strategies which go beyond that core planning and typically involve further objectives such as tax reduction or avoidance, business or farm succession, facilitation of a gift to an beneficiary otherwise unable to receive it (such as a minor or disabled person), asset protection, robust beneficiary protection, dynastic (multi-generational) planning, or charitable giving / philanthropy.

The bottom line is that we are happy to help you prepare a will or revocable living trust, if that is what you need. But we also hope you will find it reassuring to know that if your goals or desires extend to more advanced approaches or techniques, we can help with that as well. In fact, we enjoy the challenge of complex planning, especially since it provides us with the opportunity to design solutions which create a particularly significant degree of value.

Whether your needs are relatively straightforward or more complex, we are committed to helping you create the plan that is just right for you.