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Juris Doctor, Cum Laude,
University of Wisconsin Law School

Bachelor of Business Administration,
Magna Cum Laude,
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Mark D. Schubert assists clients in the areas of estate planning and elder law.  He provides comprehensive estate planning representation for individuals and couples, including executives, business owners, and professionals, with a particular focus on trust and advanced planning, wealth preservation and transfer planning, business and farm succession, charitable giving, and asset protection.  His elder law practice includes probate, trust settlement, and both proactive and crisis Medicaid planning to help protect clients from the cost of nursing homes or other long-term care.

Mark’s mission professionally is to empower people, efficiently and cost-effectively, with the knowledge and state of the art tools they need to protect what matters most to them and leave the legacy they intend.  He has a deeply rooted belief that the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from ever occurring, and a passion for helping others create intelligent and insightful planning and legal solutions which produce that result.

Mark recognizes that good legal outcomes inevitably result from a partnership between attorney and client.  While he may be the expert about the law, he views each person or couple he works with as the experts about their own situation, values, needs and goals.  He enjoys the challenge of bringing together these two essential forms of expertise and working together with his clients in a collaborative fashion in creating optimal solutions.

Mark’s attention to detail and compassionate approach to estate planning and estate and trust administration provides peace of mind to clients and their families, and lends strength during what can often be stressful and emotionally difficult times.

Professional and Civic Activities

6-27-2019   Faculty Presenter, Trusts from Start to Finish (National Continuing Education Seminar by webcast for National Business Institute)

12-14-2018  Faculty Presenter, Trusts from A to Z (Continuing Education Seminar at Green Bay, WI, for National Business Institute)

12-4-2018    Faculty Presenter, Estate Planning and Administration for Family Businesses (National Continuing Education Seminar by webcast for National Business Institute)

8-28-2018   Faculty Presenter, Probate Process from Start to Finish (Continuing Education Seminar at Appleton, WI, for National Business Institute)

6-27-2018    Faculty Presenter, Trusts from Start to Finish (National Continuing Education Seminar by webcast for National Business Institute)

9-13-2017    Faculty Presenter, Advanced Issues and Strategies in Estate Planning (National Continuing Education Seminar by webcast for National Business Institute)

8-28-2017   Faculty Presenter, Estate Administration from Start to Finish (Continuing Education Seminar at Oshkosh, WI, for National Business Institute)

6-30-2017   Faculty Presenter, Probate Assets – Top Mistakes and Challenges (National Continuing Education Seminar by webcast for National Business Institute)

1-20-2016    Faculty Presenter, The Paralegal’s Guide to Probate (National Educational Seminar by webcast for the Institute for Paralegal Education)

11-12-2015    Faculty presenter, TRUSTS 101 (Continuing Education Seminar in Oshkosh, WI, for National Business Institute)


Mark is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, and enjoys hiking, backpacking, and camping.  He also values health and fitness and feels at his best when he is able to get the gym consistently.  He likes good movies, sampling new wines, live theater, art museums, photography, and conversations with friends.


Married to Jennifer Schubert, who is a real estate agent with a local company.  His father Charles is a retired teacher and school administrator.

Questions and Answers

  • Why do you enjoy estate planning and elder law?

    I specifically chose the kind of work I do because my family has always been the most important thing in my life.  It just seems natural to me to want to have planning in place which would provide my loved ones with the strongest and most meaningful protection reasonably possible.  There are unquestionably some things that can happen which none of us can control.  But I believe in the wisdom of Lou Holtz’s observation that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% what you choose to do about it.  To me, being proactive about what is foreseeable is that kind of choice made in advance.

  • Why do you think so many people fail to prepare an estate plan?

    I’m not sure, but I think a lot of the reason has to do with people associating “estate planning” with their own mortality (which polls consistently show is the number one fear for most of us).  While I can understand that to a degree, I also think it is unfortunate.  After all, wearing a seat belt does not mean that you are planning to get in a car accident.  Fundamentally, the purpose of estate planning for the vast majority of anyone’s life is simply to provide protection against an unlikely event, so that there is no need to worry about it and you can instead focus on living life.

  • An appreciation for the arts is included in your “Hobbies” above. Are you an artist?

    I appreciate many forms of art, but I wouldn’t claim to be an artist.  However, I do like working with my hands and exploring my creative side.  I enjoy photography, and would like to learn more about woodworking and to someday create at least a few simple pieces of furniture.  I may also one day give in to the urge to try writing.


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