We focus on helping people through skilled and experienced legal representation in the areas of estate planning and elder law (you can review the specific services we offer here).  We do not handle personal injury cases, employment disputes, bankruptcies, criminal defense, etc.  Most people understand that no one can be all things to all people, and many are rightfully leery of attorneys and law firms who profess expertise in virtually every area of the law.  We feel that any attempt to handle matters outside our niche will serve merely as a distraction from concentrating on those things at which we truly excel, which is our ultimate goal.

We invest a tremendous amount of time and energy to keep abreast of the current state of the law and the most cutting-edge planning techniques available.  Additionally, we actively participate in a number of the leading legal and inter-disciplinary professional organizations in our areas of practice, including current or past membership in groups such as WealthCounsel, ElderCounsel, the Wisconsin Council of Estate Planning Attorneys, and the Fox Valley Estate Planning Council.  In many ways, this involvement offers benefits similar to being part of a much larger firm with hundreds or even thousands of lawyers, due to the opportunities for collegial interaction and the sharing of knowledge and experience between members.  But we have been able to secure those benefits without sacrificing the responsiveness and individualized attention that is only possible with a smaller firm.

We also believe that high quality legal services should be available to everyone, not just the ultra wealthy.  So we have made substantial investments of time and resources in training, technology, systems development, and collaborative team-building.  The efficiencies that these investments have made possible enable us to provide the quality of work product that every family deserves, without having to increase our prices beyond the rates of comparable attorneys and firms.  It is not our goal to be the cheapest.  Instead, we seek to provide a high caliber of service, but in a time and cost effective manner that provides our clients with genuine value.

We do not use “one size fits all” procedures or “cookie cutter” approaches.  Rather, we strive to provide individualized legal counseling and carefully tailored solutions, just with an unusually high degree of efficiency.  Our process undergoes continuous evaluation and improvement and seamlessly combines the traditional with the unconventional, guided only by what our experience proves to deliver the best outcome.  We are confident that it produces superior results.  Our belief is validated each time we consult with feuding family members, or are retained by the court to correct problems, or witness expensive and traumatic legal proceedings due to then-deceased loved ones who engaged in typical planning using boilerplate forms or computerized “click and fill in the blank” services.

That describes what we do.

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