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Process Options - the Collaborative Process

The collaborative process is one of the newest options available for the resolution of a divorce or other family law dispute.  The collaborative process is a specific and structured form of dispute resolution which involves both parties retaining specially trained and certified collaborative attorneys, with both parties formally agreeing not to submit any issue in the case to the court for any kind of contested procedure or imposed decision.  Instead, the parties agree to adhere to a set of principles and guidelines designed to facilitate a voluntary and mutually respectful process, and to use a specialized form of negotiation called interest-based negotiation, with the ultimate shared goal being to create a "win-win" outcome which takes into account the legitimate needs and goals of each of them as fully as possible.

Both experience and published academic research have shown that the collaborative process can offer a way to resolve disputes that results in a fair result, but in a manner that avoids the conflict, stress and expense associated with the traditional, adversarial approach.

If you need or would like help in resolving your divorce or family law case, but would like to do that in a way that is respectful and does not involve fighting, then learning more about collaborative family law would be a good idea.  Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation so that we can explain this option in more detail.