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Pre-nuptial / Marital Property Agreements

Wisconsin law imposes a substantial number of rules that will apply to the marital relationship, the parties obligations to each other financially and otherwise, and their relationships with others including other family members, business associates, and creditors.

However, a couple who is married (or contemplating marriage) also has the ability to change many of these default rules to better reflect their wishes and define the understanding they have regarding how their marriage will affect their legal rights. The law favors such agreements since a couple can much better define how they want to relate to each other than any court could do. In order to be valid, however, such agreements must meet tests of both substantive and procedural fairness.

If a couple wants to enter into a Marital Property Agreement (whether executed during marriage or before marriage), it is best for both to obtain separate legal counsel and to provide plenty of lead time in which to complete the process prior to the desired effective date.

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Pre-nuptial / Marital Property Agreements


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