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Custody / Placement

In Wisconsin, “custody” refers to the legal right to participate in making important decisions about a child. Examples might include where a child attends school, what religious faith, if any, they are taught, and whether the child should receive elective medical treatment. Custody can either be “joint,” meaning that both parents have the right to participate in such decisions, or “sole,” in which case only one person has that right (either generally or as to one or more limited issues).

“Placement,” on the other hand, refers to which party has the right to the physical care and supervision of a child at any particular time. In some situations, one party may have the great majority of the placement of a child and may therefore be referred to as having “primary physical placement,” with the other party having alternate periods of placement (sometimes referred to as “visitation”). However, in recent years it has become increasingly common, in appropriate cases, for placement time to be more evenly allocated between more than one parent or party. This type of arrangement is commonly called “shared placement,” and can take an almost infinite variety of forms.

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