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Veteran’s Administration Pension Pre-Planning

Many U.S. veterans or their spouses/widow(er)s are eligible for a benefit that most veterans know nothing about - the VA Improved Pension (“VAIP”).

The VAIP is a special monthly pension payable to qualifying veterans or their spouses who are 65 or over, or who suffer from a permanent and total disability (which does not need to be service-connected) and who also meet the following criteria:

1) the veteran served at least 90 days of consecutive active duty service, at least one day of which was during a specially defined "war time period;"

2) the veteran received a discharge other than dishonorable;

3) the veteran or spouse has limited income and assets, which do not provide “sufficient means” for his or her own support.

Benefit amounts as of 2010 can be as high as $1,644 per month for a single veteran or spouse with no dependents, with possible additional amounts for other dependents.

Veterans or spouses interested in learning more are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation with us, or consult with a Veterans Service Organization or local VA benefits specialist for more information (for a list of accredited organizations and advisors, see

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Veteran's Administration Improved Pension pre-planning