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Good Service Guarantee

As our estate planning client, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service reasonably possible. Of course, “good service” is hard to define. To us, good service means being honest and straightforward, caring about you as a person and treating you with respect, acknowledging the trust you have placed in us and the importance of our planning to you and your loved ones.

In more objective or measurable terms, at minimum we pledge to provide you with the following elements of good service:

Individualized attention.  We have structured our practice to ensure that you can have a personal relationship with your attorney. We have excellent staff, but your primary contact person here is your attorney. So long as it is consistent with the agreement we reach regarding the nature and scope of the services you request, you will always have the opportunity to meet or talk with your attorney personally. You will not be “passed off” to someone you do not know, or with whom you do not feel comfortable.

Prompt communication.  Your questions and concerns are our top priority. If you call us during normal business hours, in most instances we will be able to take your call immediately. If you do need to leave a message, or if you choose instead to send an e-mail or a note by mail, someone from our office will respond to you by not later than the end of the following business day after we receive it. If your attorney (or other person to whom your communication was directed) is not able to respond initially, we will give you a clear idea of when he or she will be back in the office and able to contact you personally.

Fast turnaround.  We have frequently been surprised to hear the stories that clients, referral sources and others have shared with us about lengthy delays they have experienced waiting for other attorneys to complete preparation of legal documents - often several months or longer. That does not and will not happen with us. Once you have confirmed with us the particulars of the planning documents you need and we have received all information required to prepare them, we will complete and send drafts of those documents to you within not more than 10 business days.

If we should fail in any way to meet your expectations, we would ask that you bring that to our attention so that we can identify the problem and take corrective action.  If after investigating the matter we confirm that we have failed to uphold the standards of service listed above, we will not only offer you our sincere apology and address the issue as appropriate, we will also reduce our fees by 10% or $100, whichever is greater.

In other words, we don't just promise good service, we guarantee it. 

We look forward to being of service to you!

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Good Service Guarantee