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Advanced Estate Planning

We are happy to help you prepare a simple will or a revocable living trust, if that is what you need.

But if there is a possibility that your estate may be taxable, you have a business or farm that you would like to pass on to younger generations, you have a greater than average need to protect your assets from the reach of lawsuits or other creditors, you have one or more beneficiaries with special needs, you would like to make use of any of the special techniques available to benefit those inclined to make charitable contributions, you would like to coordinate your estate planning with other important planning such as eligibility for Medicaid or the VA Improved Pension, or you have a need for other more advanced approaches or techniques, we can help.  In fact, we enjoy the challenge of complex planning, especially since it provides us with the opportunity to design solutions which create a particularly significant degree of value.

Whether your needs are relatively straightforward or more complex, we are committed to helping you create the plan that is just right for you.

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