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Helpful Links - Family Law

A great deal of information which can be helpful to a party in a divorce or family law case is available on the internet. Here is a small sample of some of these potentially helpful sites:

Sites of general interest:


CCAP - Wisconsin court records access (information about pending court cases, including parties & attorneys involved, past and scheduled events, and court information) 

Wisconsin Vital Records Services  (obtain copies of vital records)

Child Support Resources:


Child Support Law in Wisconsin -
Wisconsin Legislative Council Abstract lca_2004_01.pdf

Child Support Calculation Tools
(Wisconsin DCF site with links to calculators)

Wisconsin Child Support Calculator
(can be used to calculate the presumptive child support amount under Wisconsin law, also has links to child support laws)

Child Support Online Account Information - Wis. DCF
(Wis. Dept. of Children & Families)

References for Wisconsin law:


Wisconsin Legislative Council Abstract - Family Law  (general overview of divorce and family law in Wisconsin, good but brief)

Wisconsin STATUTES 

Bureau of Child Support (Wis. child support info.)

WisBar - legal resources links page  (links to a variety of legal references and resources)

State Bar of Wisconsin  (lawyer finder tool on main page, links to a wide variety of information, articles and resources about Wisconsin law)

Information about Wisconsin courts:


Wis. Circuit Court DIRECTORY  (e.g., addresses and phone numbers for clerks of court and judges, etc.)

Wis Court System - current filing fees

WisBar - County local court rules links
(local court rules help to clarify different procedures which might be followed in different counties)

Wis Supreme Court & Court of Appeals online access page



References for federal
& tax law:


United States Code (federal statutes) - online access

Code of Federal Regulations 
(federal administrative regulations) - online access

THOMAS - U.S. Congress legislative information  (Congressional record US House & Senate bills)

U.S. Supreme Court opinions - online access

Legal Information Institute  (US Supreme Court Opinions)

ABA Lawlink Page
(links to legal research on the internet)

Internal Revenue Service  (tax forms, publications etc.)

U.S. Tax Code - online access - Tax Help Center  (tax forms, links & information)



Self-help for those proceeding pro se:


Wisconsin Court System - Divorce & Family Law Self-Help
(self-help page for representing yourself in court in divorce or family law case - good place to start)

Winnebago County
Procedural Guidelines
for Divorce
(description of county specific procedures for divorce, some general information may be helpful to others as well)

Wisconsin Court System - Small Claims Court Self-Help Page

Wisconsin Circuit COURT FORMS

All Forms

Wisconsin Circuit COURT FORMS - Keyword Search




ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution resources: 


Collaborative Professionals of Northeast Wisconsin, Inc.

Canadian research study - The Emerging Phenomenon of Collaborative Family Law (CFL): A Qualitative Study of CFL Cases (2005)

Mediation - information and articles



Custody/placement related resources
& parenting info:


Wisconsin Legislative Council Abstract - Child Custody & Physical Placement in Wisconsin (overview of custody and placement law)

Visitation by Grandparents and Other Third Parties - Wisconsin Legislative Council Abstract (overview of applicable law) custody & placement law) IM_2010_06.pdf

Dept of Justice Canada - parenting after divorce resources

School statistics (compare school districts, etc.)

Family Services  (information, support groups and parenting classes)



Property division related resources:


FTC - Annual Free Credit Report information
freereports/index.html - the genuine annual free credit report site

Real Estate Tax Bills & Land Info -- Outagamie County

Real Estate Tax Bills & Land Info -- City of Appleton Assessor’s Office

Real Estate Tax Bills & Land Info -- Winnebago County

Real Estate Tax Bills & Land Info -- City of Oshkosh

Real Estate Tax Bills & Land Info -- Calumet County

Real Estate Tax Bills & Land Info -- Waupaca County

Real Estate Tax Bills & Land Info -- Brown County

Real Estate Tax Bills & Land Info -- Oconto County

Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association  (w/info, links, etc.)

WRS - Wisconsin Retirement System

Wis Dept of Employee Trust Funds

Automobile "Blue Book" figures

NADA Boat  fmv estimates