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A commonly accepted definition of "estate planning" among professionals is as follows.

I want to control my property and decision-making
while I am alive,

take care of myself and my loved ones if I become disabled,

and give what I have . . .
       to whom I want
              when I want
                     and in the manner I want.

Furthermore, if I can, I want to save every last dollar of
taxes, professional fees and court costs legally possible.

In other words, “estate planning” refers to the comprehensive process of planning for the management of your financial affairs and personal legal rights, both during life and in the event of disability or death.  A carefully created estate plan is not only an expression of your love for the people who are most important in your life, it can provide you with the assurance and peace of mind that the essential steps needed to protect your finances and the future of your loved ones have been taken.

The ultimate goal of estate planning is to find the best possible methods to meet your needs and wishes, while minimizing costs such as taxes and probate expenses. Meeting that goal requires an understanding of your current and anticipated future circumstances, coupled with a careful balancing and prioritizing of your various and typically conflicting objectives. In other words, when it comes to estate planning, a "one size fits all" approach is unlikely to fit you very well. To be effective, your estate plan must be tailored to you specifically.

We offer a wide range of estate planning and probate services designed to create the unique plan which is best for you. Whether you need only a simple will, or have more extensive estate planning needs, we can help. For more information about specific kinds of estate planning tools and how they might benefit you and your family, feel free to schedule an initial consultation.

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