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Helpful Links

A great deal of information which can be helpful to a person trying to understand issues and/or solve problems related to estate planning, probate or elder law in Wisconsin is available on the internet. Here is a small sample of some of these potentially helpful sites:

General Information & Resources


State Bar of Wisconsin
(broad collection of legal and related information and resources)

WisBar - legal resources links page
(links to a variety of legal references and resources) 

(tax forms, tax publications,
comprehensive tax information) 

Wisconsin STATUTES

Family Estate Planning in Wisconsin (excellent overview of general estate planning concepts, but very basic)



Wills & Financial Powers of Attorney


Wisconsin statutory will
(statutory provisions which outline legal provisions applicable to wills in Wisconsin, with text for very basic forms of wills) 

Wisconsin statutory form for Power of Attorney for Finances 

Wis. Stat. Chapter 154 - Advance Directives 

Wisconsin DHS - Advance Directives
(Living Will, Power of Attorney Forms, Authorization for Final Disposition)


Long-Term Care & Medicaid Information


Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services
(info, links re BadgerCare, FoodShare, Medicaid, etc.) 

Wisconsin Medicaid Eligibility Handbook - Elderly, Blind & Disabled

Wisconsin Division of Long Term Care (DLTC) - index to online forms 


Elder Law Information & Resources


Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups (CWAG) - Elder Law Center
(excellent collection of publications and general information) 

CWAG Guardianship Support Center 

CWAG Guardianship Publications
(extensive collection of online publications covering virtually every aspect of adult guardianships)  

Guardianship of Adults
(publication of Wis DHS Division of Long Term Care, June 2011) 

Information on corporate guardians
(Wis DHS Division of Long Term Care)


Probate & Court Information


CCAP - Wisconsin court records
(information about pending court cases, including parties & attorneys involved, past and scheduled events, and court information)

Wis. Circuit Court DIRECTORY
(e.g., addresses and phone numbers for clerks of court and judges, etc.) 

WisBar -
local court rules links

(local court rules help to clarify different procedures which might be followed in different counties) 

Wis. Circuit Court Forms - Probate 



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